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NY Armory Indoor Championship 2017


    It was a good day at the 2017 Indoor NY Armory Championship; It was like 4th of July when most of our athlete came in 4th in at least one event.

    On the girl's side, Selah Dungey kept everyone on the edges of their seats with her excellent HJ form and performance, while smashing her PR with a height of 4-11 for third place against two older high school girls who jumped 5-03 and 5-05 respectively.
    Selah did not stop at height, she also smashed her indoor LJ PR with a whopping 15-02 feet from a previous indoor PR of 13-07 feet, this girl can not stay on the ground for anything; I can not wait to see her in the pole vault. The Dungey's did not stop with jumping, Selah's sister Sydney showing good form and speed over the past few meets, she shows consistent improvement in speed by also lowering her 200m PR to 32.97, and improvement from 33.38sec. With confidence, Sydney will continue to improve in her marks during the summer.

    Jordan Somerville has always ranked in the top five or three in the results for her main events. What impressive about Jordan showing is her form and techniques in her events, more so in shot put. While she may not win at 55m and 200m, her techniques and form more often better than the person who wins overall. One can always bank on Jordan to do her best and I would not be surprised if she starts receiving college offers by her junior year; She just needs one more sport to add to track & field to complete a prospective package along with her academic achievements.

    Gina Rubio, PR smasher already showing a glimpse of what to expect from her in the outdoor track season; Her form is in shape, and with her improving form and running techniques, her indoor PR improves a lot this year. Gina lowered her 55m in four consecutive track meet, from 8.55 to 8.49, 8.43, 8.40, and now 8.36.
    This is a good sign of what's to come in the coming weeks ... Our other female athletes also show good stride and performance, which we can expect to improve later this year.

    On the boy's side, eight years of age Sebastian Rubio leading the team by not only striking gold but wickedly smashed his PR in the shot put; To put things into perspective, he threw a whopping 20-11 feet, second place was 14-10 feet; That's six feet from second place thrower. At this point, King Sebastian looking good to win both USATF and AAU indoor national championship in the same year for shot put, I do not think anyone done this before.

    Evans Pare, While Evans did not win an individual medal for the indoor track season, he impressively improves all his events, while growing out a size ten track shoes at 12 years of age in just a few weeks is scary. With a few track season under his belt, few more losses, some bad days, and injuries; He will become a force to reckon with in the near future.
    His first 400m back in December was 1:24 sec, by February he dropped it to 1: 20.3, and look at this, he smashed that 1:20 with a new PR of 1: 17.81 and he did it in slow motion. By the end of June, he will be where I need him to be 1:10 or lower, then sub 60 next year.
    Evans made it clear that he is a serious future, mid-distant sprinter. Back in January, he ran a good 800m at 3:31:54, he then return in February with 3:20:56, then at the Armory he dropped his 800m to a new PR of 3:05:16, who does that.

    I noticed that look on parents faces when I put Evans and others in 1500m at previous track meets...It's all part of my plan to test and explore all athletes. lol

    Ryan Pena, an upcoming star who will do very well this summer once he understands his own strength and abilities. Last year I underestimate his endurance by putting him in shorter events. This year I lost sleep trying to figure out why Ryan kept running 600m when he's in an 800m event; Ryan would blow out the field with an impressive 600m sprint, everyone looking at the clock for a record, then the guy pretty much walk the last lap.
    While he ran three seconds short of his outdoor PR of 2.22sec, his 2:26sec indoor PR was OK, but not enough for AAU national medal. Since we did not receive enough aerobic type training because of weather and facility, it was too late to train Ryan for the last lap in the 800m to get ready for AAU national; What to do? I did not want to change his events, so I decided I need a strategy for the 800m. So I said, look Ryan, you do not need to blow out the field the first 600m, stay in the pack, reserved energy for the last lap, he did just that and smashed his outdoor PR of 2:22 to a whopping 2: 20.19; He then returned after the lactic acid taxing 800m to smashed his 200m from 28.72 in 2016, and 27.47 in 2017 to new 26.13 sec PR a sneeze from a sub 26 - on fresh legs, we are looking at a low 24sec soon. Ryan came in fourth in the 800m, and 8th in the 200m.

    Elijah Somerville shows great improvement over the past few track season in all his main events. To start, his 200m steadily going down by over a full second each time his PR improves; Back in 2016 indoor his 200m PR was 30.12sec, then by outdoor he lowered it to 28.87, then this year he opened the indoor season with 27.61 only to improve it by a full second with a 26.59.  With his hard work and tenacity, we can expect Elijah to run a sub 26, if not a sub 25 by summer while improving his 400m to a sub-60 as well.

    In summary, all of our athletes done well in at least one event with a medal, PR, or good showing; Also, one of the main attributes that contribute to our success is finding the right event for each athlete, then giving the athletes enough time to own and develop their skills. It's like baking a cake, one can not take out the cake from the oven halfway during the baking process to add an egg or more flour, one can not turn up the oven to 1000 degrees because you want the cake to bake faster. The same principles in life or in this case, sports, we have to allow time and have the patience to allow our athletes to develop.

    - Coach Horace


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