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  • MySrintClub Online..! is your online track club; A place where all track & field fans alike can chillax, reminisce and share track tips, ideas, and other information that are beneficial for the athlete. Join us today and contribute to the mission.


    MySprintClub Track Club..!

    MySprintClub is a high-performance track club based in Hackensack NJ. The main focus of MySprintClub is to enable adolescents to develop the skill sets necessary to compete at their highest level according to their potential while preparing them to become advanced athletes on the college level and beyond. While our main objective is to create champions, our underlining goals is to create exceptional athletes who will become disciplined, productive, and responsible young men and women.

    IT'S TIME TO SPRINT FOR MYSPRINTCLUB...! MySprintClub is dedicated to improving the lives of children through enriching and uplifting sporting and educational opportunities, join us today.


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     Other MySprintClub location within NJ coming soon.



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