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Track & Field – Sprint Starts Tips & Drills DRILL

  • Everyone should know by now that when running a sprint event like the 100m, 200m and 400m the start is one of the most important skills you want to developed. More often than not a sprint event result already decided base on how fast you can get out of the starting block. The drills below will help you do just that. 

    Drill description: Speed out of the blocks

    Start jogging in a straight line and on the coach’s signal, drop to the ground in a simulated starting position as if you were in the blocks. Only stay in this position for a second and immediately spring out of it and start to sprint about 20 yards. After, resume a slow jog and repeat the drill on the coach’s signal. Don’t worry too much about your form when you hit the ground and assume a starting position. That is not what is important here. However, make sure that the hands touch the ground at the same time on the signal.

    Drill description: Develops acceleration and consistent form

    Runner accelerates slowly over a distance of 20 yards and then sprints at their max rate for 20-40 yards. This will help improve a runners sprint endurance and helps a runner to develop high speed relaxed running. The amount of reps and duration of rest in between depends on the runners physical ability and needs.

    Drill description: Speed out of the blocks

    Jog slowly in a straight line and at the coaches signal jump in the air and turn around 180 degrees and immediately fall into a starting position only for a second. Then accelerate and sprint for 15 yards. This should help you to feel the explosiveness needed to get out of the blocks quickly. Only your feet and hands should touch the ground in the set position and do not jump too high. Work on maintaining balance and focus although you are jumping and turning.

    Drill description: Speed out of the blocks

    The runner stands straight with feet together. Gradually begin to bend forward until gravity forces you to take a step forward to balance yourself. At this point, take off at a sprint for 15 yards. The idea is to tilt forward as far as you can and begin sprinting without stumbling. Drive the legs powerfully and pump the arms trying to get the elbows as high as possible in the rear with each swing. This will imitate the angle at which a sprinter must begin from, and teach a sprinter to explode under control.

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